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We are a husband and wife team with children of our own who specialize in natural light photography.  We  live in the Myrtle Beach area and service both Horry, Co. and Brunswick Co., NC.  We pride ourselves  in creating emotive, light and love-filled photographs.   We provide our clients with images that are candid, emotional, and timeless. While posing and setting up shots is necessary in some circumstances, relaxing and letting your hair down are when those really special images can be captured.  But don't worry we will be sure to get plenty of shots of you and yours looking at the camera with a smile on your face!  We urge all of our clients to be natural and try to relax and enjoy the experience even when the baby is crying, toddler is running around, and the dog is being ornery.  Sometimes, those chaotic, unscripted shots are the best and most memorable.

Whether you are getting engaged, having a baby, wanting to capture those fleeting moments with your kids before they're any older, or just want a nice picture to remember the moment, we would be thrilled to be part of helping you create those memories. 

Our Inspiration and background

Our backgrounds consist of a bachelors degree in music and a master's degree in entertainment business.   Our experience consist of over 18 years of photography experience, multiple internships with Disney, marketing, and business ownership. We started photographing the beauty around us almost 2 decades ago to preserve the memories of our family and young kids.  Since then, it's been our goal to capture the spirit in all that we see and share it with the world.   We've been blessed with countless beautiful experiences together.  It's our joy to see the happiness and depth that life brings, and to be able to capture it for others.   We love life and we believe that we are here to make a difference in peoples' lives by helping them see the beauty in everything around them, and by enjoying their company.  We love what we do!

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